Welcome Home…

Now that you are where you clearly were meant to be get comfortable while you are easily relaxed into submission by the most beautiful, intelligent, and alluring Ebony Goddess you will ever meet.

Whether you realized it yet or not, with Mistress it’s very natural to find it hard to think of anyone else as I continuously grow deeper in you now and feeding your cravings.

This feeling can feel overwhelming at times as your addiction to Me grows and you love it more than you thought you ever could, and you will forever Thank Me.

I imagine you are here so you know you are ready for this incredibly amazing submissive and erotic journey!

You will soon see living at My feet it is better than you could have ever imagined or experienced!

Always remember to honor and appreciate My existence…As I am now the person who gives your existence meaning!



You want to learn more about Goddess and How to please Me…Well you are a smart boy.

And you will work harder than you ever have to Please Me.




Feet – US 6 or 6 1/2

Breasts – 32B

Tops – Small / US 4

Bottoms – Medium / US 4


Favorite Fetishes

Sensual & Mental Domination

Foot Worship/Domination

Heels/Boot Worship


Ass Worship

Ebony Worship


Spanking/Corporal Punishment

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International Hypnotic Ebony Domme