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Time to feed into your hidden desires to release that inner sissy longing to come out & play controlled & guided by a Superior Woman. This is also the first small step in redefining who you are & how you live.

Remember that I intend to take you “beyond trance” and this is just your first taste of the fantasy of a magical journey of transformation.

Category- Feminization

Level- mild Length- 15.00

Includes–Sensual FemDom—post hypnotic triggers, guided imagery, overdubbing, binaural beats.

Hypnosissy – FemDom Feminization


Annexationyou are ready to be transformed into My little sissy of Excellence now…Why wait you have been through the fantasies and the Role play Now let’s make you feel it.

The first file in real time transformation. Make sure you are ready, for this level of transformation will change you physically, as well as mentally & psychologically. This file includes specific assignments that you will complete & confirm to Me you have done before continuing to become My sissy…

Thank Empress when done

Category:- Femme Transformation

Level- Moderate

Length- 35.08

Includes–Sensual FemDom brainwashing/mind control—post hypnotic triggers, guided imagery, overdubbing, binaural beats

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